It’s not surprising that developers and engineers tend to become tribalist with operating systems and developer tools. Some tend to see tools as either/or instead of with/and, Lets examine the developer tools Terraform and Ansible.


Ansible is an open-source configuration tool made for deploying and provisioning apps and servers using…

The Web3 Stack

What is The Web3 Stack?

The Web3 Stack is a new publication to address the lack informative resources for developing the decentralized web. It is for useful information about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, web development with web3 tools, and of course the future capabilities of those technologies.

The articles are mainly meant to be a resource…

Upon, attending the Cardano 2021 Summit a few days ago I came across some very interesting news. One of the first announcements of the summit was Cardano has partnered with a Fortune 250 company and that company being, Dish Network Corporation a major Fortune 500 company. Dish Network Corporation has…

Darrius Singleton

Crypto enthusiast | Web3| Cloud Computing | Expanding Decentralization | Real Estate | Super power: ability to explain complex things in a simple way.

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